Deep cycle batteries are primarily used to store energy when solar power is being harnessed, stored, and utilized. Due to the increasing popularity of electric and solar-powered products, deep cycle batteries are in high demand. These types of batteries are designed to provide powerful, continuous energy. Deep cycle batteries often operate at 50-80% of their total capacity, making the necessary for applications require a large amount of energy.


Deep cycle batteries have many useful applications. These batteries are used to power products requiring long bouts of high energy. The most common uses of deep cycle batteries are boats, electric vehicles, trolling motors, and energy storage systems. Deep cycle batteries have thicker active plates as compared to most traditional batteries. This allows deep cycle batteries to generate more power. These thicker plates are also corrosion-resistant, preventing damage and malfunction.


Monitoring the conditions of your deep cycle battery is imperative to maintaining proper functioning. The following are a few tips for taking care of your deep cycle battery.

  • Check acid level after every charge.
  • New batteries should be fully charged before use.
  • Vent caps should be kept tight during use.
  • Consistently inspect connectors and battery cables.
  • As batteries get older, they may require longer charging time.


Before every use, you need to make sure that your battery is fully charged and ready to properly power the vehicle or appliance that you need. Purchase a smart charger to do this job to omit the chance for any mistakes. A smart charger will automatically shut off once it has sufficiently charged the battery. Make sure that you keep the charger hooked up to the battery long enough to result in a full charge. This may take longer than you expect.

Deep cycle batteries are useful in powering many recreational and electric vehicles. These batteries are particularly useful in storing solar energy for use. Gaining an understanding of how these batteries function and general maintenance tips will aid you in keeping your deep cycle battery in great condition. Use this article as a guideline to get the most out of your battery.