Battery installation is a fairly easy task but preventative measures must be taken to prevent the occurrence of injury. Before proceeding with the battery installation process, put on appropriate clothing and safety glasses. Remove keys from the ignition of the vehicle and proceed with the following step-by-step instructions.

Step 1 – Before going any further, inspect the car battery for any signs of cracks or corrosion. Battery acid can leak, damaging anything that it touches.

Step 2 – Locate the positive and negative battery terminals on the top of the dead battery. Check for signs of sulfate deposits. If there is buildup present, use water and baking soda and a brush to remove the substance.

Step 3 – It is important to begin the disconnection process with the negative terminal. Use a wrench or pliers to loosen the nut that is keeping the cable in place.

Step 4 – Repeat the same process for the positive terminal of the battery. Remove the battery hold and lift the dead battery from its tray and remove it.

Step 5 – Before putting in the new battery, inspect the battery tray for any signs of damage or corrosion. If there is sulfate deposit buildup, use a baking soda and water concoction to completely clean the surface.

Step 6 – Place the new battery in the tray, taking care to ensure that it is level and that the battery holds are in the appropriate place. Once you have done this, replace the battery hold to securely keep the battery in place.

Step 7 – Remove the protective plastic caps from each terminal and reconnect the positive terminal first. Once the cable is attached, tighten the bolt. Repeat this for the negative terminal.

Your new battery is now ready go and your car should start flawlessly. It is a good idea to spray the terminals with corrosion protectant to prevent future issues from occurring. Be aware that you cannot simply throw away your old battery. Due to high chemical and acid content, car batteries have to be disposed of properly. Research the options in your area to determine where to drop it off.