Automobile batteries are a tool that we utilize almost every single day. However, many people are unaware of exactly how they function. Gaining a basic understanding of how car batteries work can help you to troubleshoot any issues that may arise. The following information contains a basic description of the ins and outs of how your automobile battery serves to power your vehicle.

The battery in your automobile predominately serves to start your car and power accessories like headlights, fans, and the radio when you have your engine turned off. Batteries help to regulate power by picking up the slack when an engine is running on a low speed, keeping accessories going. It also helps to balance out power surges, ensuring that no damages occur.

Batteries are powered through the occurrence of a chemical reaction. An electrical current is created when two different metals are placed individually within a liquid that has the ability to produce electricity. When these two metals touch above the liquid a current is created that runs through as long as the connection is maintained. These two metals are referred to as electrodes. A negative electrode is composed of pure lead while a positive electrode is made up of lead dioxide paste. When a positive and negative electrode as used in conjunction, it is called a cell. The liquid solution is composed of diluted sulphuric acid.

The battery cell reaches a discharged state when it no longer has the ability to produce a current. At this point, the battery must be recharged. This process inserts electrical energy back into the cell in the reverse order. This process initiates a chemical reaction that turns both electrodes into lead sulphate. During the use of a battery, water is produced that dilutes the strength of the battery. During recharge, the battery reabsorbs the water to return the battery to its original strength.

This article should have provided an overview of the basic functions of your car battery. Use this information to equip yourself with a working understanding of the functions and chemical reactions that allow automobile batteries to properly power your car. This understanding will help you to maintain and care for your battery to lengthen its life.