There are a number of reasons why it is important to recycle your old batteries. Batteries cannot just be tossed in the garbage or placed in a dump because of the threats they pose to their chemical contents pose to the environment. Secondly, almost 97% of the lead contents of a battery can be recycled and used again. Battery recycling is not only eco-friendly, but it is economical, as well. There are four major recycle components that make up the battery, each through its own process.

Outer Shell

Automotive batteries are protected by an outer plastic casing. When old batteries are first received, they are crushed and broken down. The pieces of broken plastic are melted down and repurposed. The uses are endless but most often these pieces are bought back by battery manufacturing companies to be used in the construction of future batteries.


One of the most recyclable and most valuable components of an old battery is the lead content. As battery ages, it can accumulate contaminates and anything that may interfere with the purity of the lead content. Each battery is put through a process that separates the lead from everything else. This lead is then melted down and poured into molds. These lead blocks are often sold back to manufacturing companies to make new batteries.


Sulfate crystals often build up on failed batteries. These Crystals can be collected and processed into a fine white powder. This white powder is a common ingredient in things like laundry detergent and textile manufacturing.

Water Production

If the electrolytes that lead to the sulfate crystals are not allowed to proceed through their process, they can be neutralized and turned into water. If put through the right purification process, this water can be released back into the local water system or even reused in an electrolyte solution.

This article shines some light on the importance of battery recycling. Not only is it safer, but many parts of any automotive battery can be completely reused. Come see the team at Brouder Batteries to drop off old batteries to be broken down and recycled in an environmentally responsible manner.