Environmental features can have a massive impact on battery life. Certain locations, such as New Zealand, experience harsh and extreme conditions that can effect the health of batteries. Certain conditions can cause batteries to fail unexpectedly. Making yourself aware of the factors that can have a negative effect on you battery can help to increase its life expectancy, keeping your car or boat running smooth for years to come.

Electrical Connections

Many issues that batteries experience can be attributed to problems with the terminals. Consistently check the battery terminals to make sure that they are free from debris and buildup. If you do notice that some dirt or rust is present, use a wire brush to gently, but thoroughly clean the terminal. Covering the terminal with a thin layer of petroleum jelly will protect the terminal and prevent corrosion from occurring.

Battery Charging

Maintaing the charge level of your battery is a balance between keeping it sufficiently topped off, without overcharging. Overcharging a battery can lead to corrosion and severely shorten battery life. It is also important to keep an eye on electrolyte levels. Keep your battery topped off with distilled or deionized water. Both of these levels are ones that should be maintained but not overdone.

Unused Batteries

Unused batteries will slowly lose charge over time, eventually becoming totally flat. This is especially relevant for boats that may be stored for the winter months or for cars that aren’t used often. To prevent issues from occurring when you return to regular usage of the vehicle, continue to maintain the life of the battery even when it’s not in use. Continue to recharge the battery to a full level until you are ready to use the boat or automobile.

If proper maintenance and precautions are in place, batteries can last a very long time. Harsh weather conditions can sometimes make it more challenging to maintain the health of your battery. However, by making yourself aware of the various threats, you can prevent them from harming the ability of your battery. Implement these tips into your battery maintenance routine to ensure a long-lasting battery.